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Our Story

A 2008, "Girls Saturday Fun Day" of winemaking in northern Virginia, gave way to a dream that has become reality! Winemaking is in the family genes dating back to the early 20th century! One great grandmother and one great-great grandmother made wine from Muscadine grapes, dandelions, and other fruit. Today Sweet Vines Farm Winery continues the family tradition! We cater to the fun and creative palate, as we celebrate the joys of life and friendship!

Meet the Owner/Winemaker

Seidah started her winemaking journey in 2006, after being invited to dinner by a former teacher.  She was intrigued that the spouse of the teacher made his own wine and was determined to learn more. In 2008, Seidah and three colleagues embarked upon a winemaking journey, further encouraging her interest in viticulture and winemaking. In 2016, Seidah convinced her husband to begin searching for land, and in December 2021, Sweet Vines Farm Winery opened its doors.


Grounded in Family Traditions

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